In Home Decorating

At Rusted Chandelier, we have a passion for uniting your best-loved belongings with what’s fresh and distinctive.


Does your home need a little refresh? Had the same furniture arrangement for a while? Know you need something new but just not sure where to start?

Make an appointment with our designers and they will visit your home to help you with any of your design needs. After careful consideration of your style, color, and space, they will return to your home with accessories from the shop. Make your selection from their choices and they’ll get to work creating a plan that cultivates the happiness you deserve to feel in your home! They specialize in accessorizing mantels and bookcases, rearranging furniture, as well as selecting and placing artwork.


Our skilled designers are focused and efficient and most appointments last an hour or two depending on the size of the project. For residents of the St Louis area only and dependent on schedule availability.