FaceTime Shopping Appointment

FaceTime Shopping Appointment

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Let us become your mobile shopper!!  Patti or another staff member will walk you through the shop or warehouse so you can shop while you relax at home.  You can either let us know what sort of items you're looking for and we will be able to show you what we have in stock or you can just browse through our inventory.

How to Schedule Your Appointment:

1.  Click "Select Time" to choose from our available time slots

2.  Click "Add to Cart"

     NOTE: This is a FREE service we are providing while the store is temporarily closed.  Although this looks like you are checking out to buy things it will not charge you and you will not have to provide any payment information.

3.  ANDROID ONLY: If you have an Android, add that to the "Notes" in your cart.  When it is time for your appointment we will contact you through Google Duo.

4.  Click "Check Out"

5.  Enter your information to check out.  In the "Phone Number" field, provide the phone number you would like us to contact you on.

6. Click "Continue to Payment" and then "Pay Now" and you're all set!!


We will text you shortly before the call to remind you of your appointment time and confirm with you.